Clients say…..

Jackie Abramian, Founder of Global Cadence, directed our Public Relations efforts – her work was exceptional. She is extremely organized and kept us on task with both our Public Relations and Social Media objectives. I highly recommend Jackie as an excellent writer and strategist to any nonprofit or social venture looking for outstanding public relations or social media consultants.  — Marc Blumenthal, Executive Director of Social Ventures Foundation.

Global Cadence and their founder Jackie Abramian were the unique answer to our highly specialized PR needs. We researched several firms before going with Global Cadence, but most if not all other marketing, PR, and digital promotion firms seemed to have preconceived notions and more of a one size fits all approach to their client base. Jackie’s background in technology and B2B customers in the emerging IoT space allowed us to take a much more focused approach to promotion and PR as a whole. Working with Global Cadence has not only increased our brand identity and leads but also honestly given us more time. Hands down, I can say Global Cadence was our best investment in 2019, and I look forward to continuing the pace in 2020! –Michael Skurla, CTO, Radix IoT.

Jackie supported BizGees with our pre-marketing campaign for our coming crowdfunding campaign. She helped us map out our pre-marketing needs and highlighted areas that needed attention. She took the time to understand our PR needs and offer suggestions on how we could improve our current proposition and which channels to target.   – Zulfiqar Deo FRSA, Co-Founder Strategy & Marketing, BizGees

Jackie is one of the few wonders of the world.  Her intuitive understanding, coupled with her extensive experience, broad mind, a huge heart, and refined taste makes her the perfect partner/mentor/writer relating to social enterprises that focus on women’s empowerment.  Jackie was the first person to write about our social enterprise in the Huffington Post, which resulted in many more articles and exposure for us.  She understood from the beginning, the complexity of our social enterprise from all angles, and provided strategies to help us survive and thrive in a competitive business world that cares not enough about social affairs.   – Rania Kinge, Founder, Damascus Concepts/I LOVE SYRIA social enterprise

Jackie through her creative PR and Social Media Marketing strategies gave a new breadth to Democracy Today’s work and helped us expand our social media visibility. Democracy Today has greatly benefited from professional advice she provided to us and sensitivity to the issues we work with. Her constructive approach helped translate our ideas into reality. Her investment through her knowledge of subject matter and international connections enhanced the visibility of our work. Her constant readiness to offer professional insight and connections to international experts is most valued, as is her advocacy for women’s leadership in peace activism. We gained many supporters through her excellent work.  – Gulnara Shahinian – Founder, Democracy Today NGO

I have known Jackie for 25+ years. She has established an extensive record of experience in communications, serving a wide variety of clients, working domestically and internationally.  Jackie is focused, insightful, and values quality and integrity. Added to these professional qualities, she is a wonderful and fun person with whom to work. I highly recommend her!  – Jeb Brugmann – Founding Principal at Resilient Cities Catalyst

Jackie’s impeccable writing skills and problem-solving abilities have always been crucial to the success of our projects at Armenoid Production Inc. Our Women of 1915 and Orphans of the Genocide documentary films are a testament to Jackie’s professional contribution.    – Bared Maronian – Emmy-Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Executive Producer, Armenoid Productions

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