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No budget to hire a PR firm? Need to position your technology or social enterprise brand for increased visibility and media coverage? Then Global Cadence’s online consultation service will help you jumpstart your corporate communications plan. And if you need more, we do all the hand-holding you and your team may need.

Jackie supported BizGees with our pre-marketing campaign for our coming crowdfunding campaign. She helped us map out our pre-marketing needs and highlighted areas that needed attention. She took the time to understand our PR needs and offer suggestions on how we could improve our current proposition and which channels to target. Zulfiqar Deo FRSA, Co-Founder/Strategy/Marketing, BizGees

Media Strategy–an optimized brand awareness strategy means targeted media relations and social media strategy to not only reach your target audiences but also set brand preference across target media outlets and channels.

Press Releases–drafting an optimized press release focused on a newsworthy announcement means getting rid of jargon, and providing facts to capture media attention that secure media placements.

Amplifying Strategy–craft a creative brand story that provides solutions to the target audience’s pain points and reels in potential buyers while increasing brand trust with a competitive edge media visibility.

Social Media Strategy–building and optimizing business social sites with industry best practices calls for dropping “sales” lingo and offering industry insight to empower and build brand’s trust. Across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google business pages–offering valuable industry insight and thought leadership helps capture attention for best-in-class product and service.

Media Relations– using strategies and channels to reach target audiences across select media outlets where brand / corporate message can be amplified ultimately sets preference of a brand among the audiences. Thought leadership articles, offering industry expert interview sources among others help position a brand’s industry leadership.

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