Media Placements

A sampling of media placements about our clients — and our founder

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14 Things to Give Up for a Happier, More Successful 2019 – By  

Social Entrepreneurs – What Inspires and Motivates These Change Makers – By Jackie Abramian – Thrive Global

FinTech Startup Transforms Refugees Into Entrepreneurs – SEE Change Magazine

Baking Bread in a Refugee Camp Just Got Easier – By Brian Oaster – The Block Talk 

Re-Defining Success in Small Business Impact   – By Jackie Abramian – Thrive Global

Love lessons: Moms ponder what their mothers taught them that they want to pass on  — Desert News

Thriving in Home Office Productivity   – By Jackie Abramian – Thrive Global

10 Undervalued Up & Coming Digital Nomad Locations for 2017  – By Robert O’Kruk – Digital Nomads Forum

#Artof(Anti)Corruption Campaign Stamps An Artistic Flare to Tackling Corruption  – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

George Clooney, The Aurora Prize And Hope In Armenia – By Brian Rashid – Forbes

Armenia Champions Pioneering Impact Investment Trend – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

United World College Dilijan: A Lens Into The Future Of Education – By Brian Rashid – Forbes

Displaced Cartoonist Khalid Albaih Finds Home On The Internet – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

Campaign Aims to Establish First Electronic-Waste Recycling Center in Armenia  Recycling Magazine (Germany)

Gyumri Capitalizes on its Humor Industry and Stands Resolute – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

Russia’s First Private Business School Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary  – By Brian Rashid – Forbes

Two 18-year-olds Aim to Fix the E-Waste Problem in Armenia  – By Kathie R Davis – Georgia Today (Republic of Georgia)

A Rendezvous With Ancient Persian Kings and Poets in Shiraz, Iran – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

Rania Kinge’s Social Enterprise ‘I Love Syria’ Transcends Nationalism – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

Reviving Armenia’s “Switzerland” Resort Town of Dilijan – By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post

Preserving Traditional Persian Cooking Is This Young Iranian Chef’s Mission –  By Jackie Abramian – Huffington Post